Crepe Folds 20"WX7.5'L

The Highest Quality Crepe Paper for all your crafting needs. Most crepe paper is poorly manufactured garbage that bleeds when it’s wet, quickly fades with age and sun, and tears with regular use. Not anymore. Our supplier Cindus uses a unique manufacturing process right here in the States that ensures you only get the finest crepe paper products, without paying a premium price that you might expect. Our unique Crepe Paper Features: * Each crepe paper sheet is 20 inches wide by 7.5 feet in length. * Highest quality manufacturing process. * Made in the States!. * Colors will not bleed like cheap crepe paper, * Does not tear like cheap crepe paper. * Strong and flexible; * Can be stretched and shaped. * Fade resistant to sun and aging * Flame resistant. * All around superior product in price and quality to competing crepe paper!. * For flowers 6 inches or smaller