Crepe Paper Folds for Decorating

Crepe paper folds make great tablecloths when they are attached to any table you are using. You can attach the folds by using a clear drying glue or tape (on the side facing the table.) Then you can decorate them with all sorts of craft items just keep in mind the ages of children who will be attending the party some of the crafts could pose as a choking hazard for real small children.

Once your crepe paper folds are attached spread out your decorations you want to use on a table and start decorating with them. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started. Using stickers with a summer theme or theme that matches your party is a good idea. Stamps may work better if you have children who will try to remove the stickers to keep for themselves. Children can draw on the paper tablecloth to decorate it again, sticking with the theme of the party if there is one.

You can also add a few paper flowers minus the stems to the corners of the table so it looks like the flowers are holding the tablecloth down. Of course, you will have taped it down or used tablecloth clips but it is still the illusion of the pretty flowers holding it down that will look nice.

You can use shaped beads to create a pattern. For example if you are having a birthday party for a teenage girl you could make a purse, pair of shoes, lip gloss or any item that she likes out of the colored beads. You can draw or trace a pattern on the crepe paper folds tablecloth to use as a guide if you need to or you could do it all free handed.

If you are having a party, you can decorate them in the theme of the party. For a birthday party you can use a general theme of a cake, balloons, or anything the birthday boy or girl likes.

If you are having a baby shower, decorate them with baby items such as rattles, bottles, little feet, and baby animals. Use your imagination and decorate your hearts out.

If you are having, a summer party and it is a pool party then decorating using a crepe paper folds tablecloth you could use anything pool party related. Try painting a pool in the center, surrounding it with lounge chairs, and writing each of the guests name in the chair. This can serve as a seating chart as well and they can sit in the spot closest to where there name is. You can use the same idea for any type of holiday party for example for Christmas you could use a Santa Clause.

Decorating with crepe paper folds is not only easy but also affordable!

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