Crepe Paper Halloween Costume Ideas


Crepe paper Halloween costume ideas may seem like a strange idea to some. However, there are plenty of accessory type items you can make out of crepe paper and save you some money. Aside from the fact that your little princess, fairy, or pirate may like the idea of being able to help create the perfect magic wand, wings, or eye patch and matching hat.

The first thing you want to do is have your child or children decide what they want to be for Halloween this may be a difficult thing because most kids change their minds about their costumes several times in the weeks leading up to Halloween. However, once you get them to settle on a costume allowing them to help create it may just keep them from changing their mind again!

Let us look at a few different costumes that you can make with just crepe paper – a ghost this will need the roll type crepe paper so it hangs down to their ankles. You will not want to have to attach several pieces of white crepe paper folds together to create the costume. We recommend that you use a double or even triple layer of crepe paper this will help keep the paper from ripping you know how excited kids get on Halloween they cannot get to the next house fast enough!

Another all crepe paper costume idea is a mummy. You can use the folds and any color you like. Of course, you do not want to wrap your child to tight because they do need to be able to walk and you should warn them if they are in a hurry they could bust right out of their costume by trying to run in it.

Another idea that uses a good amount of crepe paper is a pumpkin. You would need several layers of orange crepe paper to wrap around their mid section. Ideally you may want to use a left over inner tube that fits around the waist that was left behind from summer and slip that over their heads and cover it in the paper; you will probably need two or something similar to that. Make up for their face and a green bow of some sort for the stem to attach to their head will look cute. Be sure to pick up some orange tights or paint their legs and arms orange too.

Now if you want to make some accessories out of crepe paper instead of the entire or most of the costume you can make magic wands, pirate patches and matching hat, fairy wings, angel wings, butterfly wings, any type of wings including bat wings! Hats also look great when made out of or covered with crepe paper.

There are so many accessory types of Halloween items you can make with crepe paper you will be amazed but first you have to get your child to decide on a costume before you can get started!

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