Crepe Paper Haunted House and Candy House

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to look at how to make a crepe paper haunted house or a candy house. You will need the following items a cardboard box any size you would like, however for this project we will use a large shoebox to explain how to create a haunted house or Candy house out of crepe paper.

We realize that a haunted house is not for everyone so we thought we should include a crepe paper candy house for those who are faint at heart. After all how scary can a delicious looking candy house be. You can use any size box you would like for this project as well.

Let us start with some of the items you will need and may want to decorate your house. Of course, you will need crepe paper to cover the house in and to make a door, windows, shutters and if you want a roof. Aside from making your cardboard box into a house you will need decorations. For a haunted house you may want some of the following plastic or rubber spiders, cobwebs, little plastic or rubber mice and rats, a few ghosts, gargoyles, black birds, or anything else you can think of that is scary. You may also want to get some zombies, and little people to pose as trick or treaters. If you are very creative, you can make a lawn to go with your house as well and add even more decorations!

You can attach the items including the crepe paper with clear drying glue. The glue will ensure that the paper and items stay in place and if you have a large enough bag you will be able to store it for next year.

To make a candy house you will need crepe paper any color you like and attach it to the box with clear drying glue. Make windows and a door just like you would for the haunted house. You can make the candy house in one of two ways the first, would be to use real candy (make sure it is wrapped) and use tape (fold it in half so it is sticky on both sides) and attach it to the house this way you can allow trick or treaters to select their own piece of candy or you can eat the candy yourself after you turn out the porch light!

If you decide to make the crepe paper candy house with fake candy then you can make the candy out of crepe paper for example candy corn you would use orange and white paper, for a Hershey bar you would use brown paper, gum drops are always a lot of fun they are easy to make and colorful. You can also purchase “fake” candy at the craft store, department store or dollar stores.

If you decide to decorate, a lawn to go with your candy house you can place fun items like pumpkins, witches, fairies, and sprinkle glitter on the ground to give it an extra special look! There are so many things you can make with crepe paper just let your imagination run wild!