How to Make Crepe Paper Easter Egg Animals

This is a great craft project for the whole family it is a lot of fun to make these cute little Easter egg Animals. First, let us look at what you will need; crepe paper we suggest an assortment of colors so you are not limited to the types of animals you can make, a small to medium size basket, some type of filler for the basket you can use Easter grass or if you want to make your basket into a nest then maybe some crepe paper strips cut into very fine pieces.

You will also need the following items keeping the children’s age in mind.

  • Shears
  • Glue (either clear drying or regular the stick type glue works well or you can opt for scotch tape.)
  • Eggs – you can use real eggs and blow out the inside or you can use plastic eggs. If you decide to use the real eggs, you will have to be extra careful when you wrap and attach the crepe paper.
  • Markers to draw on the faces

Let us start with making baby chicks the first thing you will need to do is cover the chick egg with crepe paper we recommend yellow but of course, you can use any color you would like. Once the chick is wrapped in the paper, it will need a little beak this can be made with orange crepe paper then it will need wings these can be any color you would like. To make a beak simply fold a small triangular shape piece of paper in half and glue the paper in the center so the top and bottom of the beak look open and attach to the front of the egg shape.

For the wings you will want to cut small pieces of the paper in a slightly oval shape (any color) if you want it to look realistic then stick with the yellow. Glue the wings on, one to each side of the body. Using your markers, you can give the chick eyes. As you finish each chick, place it in your basket or nest.

The next animal we are going to look at making uses all the same supplies as above. A bunny you can choose either egg option and cover the egg in crepe paper the color of your choice. For the bunny, you will need to cut a few thin strips of the paper to give the bunny a nose and whiskers you can use white or any color you would like. Next, the bunny must have ears! Very carefully, cut two pieces of crepe paper (your choice of color) in an oval shape make sure they are not too long or too short you don’t want the bunnies ears to flop over your egg nor do you want the ears to just barley show. Once you have made your bunny put it in the basket or nest and make the next one. You can of course, put different animals in your basket or nest.

Okay we are going to look at one last animal this egg animal you can make any time of the year. A bumblebee – when covering the egg you will need to remember to have two strips of black crepe paper one for the top and one for the bottom of the bee. The paper for the top of the bee will follow a strip of yellow paper and the bottom will be black paper. To help you this out just look at a picture of a bumblebee. Now, bumblebees do not belong in a basket so you will need a large egg (plastic) you will want to cover the entire egg in yellow crepe paper and put a small circle of black paper in the center so the bees can get in and out of the hive.
One last thing about the bumblebee – they fly so attach a piece of thin string to them with glue and you can hang them and the hive anywhere you would like.

These ideas for how to make crepe paper Easter egg animals as you saw with the bumblebee can be used to make any kind of animal!